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Edwin, Actor King is a feature length film currently in development.

Produced by: Lee Moore, Leslie Moore, Diane Bradshaw, Thomas Bradshaw, Jeffrey Hardy, Jennifer Anderson
Consulting Producer:  Darren E. Johnson
Associate Producer: Tara McKiernan
MISSION: We wish to bring the family that spawned one of the world’s greatest stage actors and one of the world’s most infamous assassins to life onscreen.
VISION: This film can be an important contribution to the continued education and analysis of what is arguably the most important time period in our history.
HISTORY: The Players club –established by Edwin in 1888– still exists in its original clubhouse at 16 Gramercy Park South in Manhattan.
GENRE: Drama, Historical, Pivotal Conflict
WRITER: Lee Moore
STATUS: In Development
BUDGET: $2,511,700 as of 12 – 01- 2015
LOGLINE: Surrounded by a whirlwind of triumph, betrayal and retrospect, the career of the 19th Century’s greatest actor is overshadowed by one historical event, and haunted by his own personal demons.
SYNOPSIS: Based on a true story, this is the tale behind the critically acclaimed actor, Edwin Booth, founder of The Players Club. Edwin Booth is widely recognized as the greatest actor of the 19th Century. Starting from his debut performance, Edwin hypnotizes audiences and seals his fate as a wielder of theatrical magic. However, Edwin eventually channels his father’s notorious philandering and alcoholism on his rise to fame. His life and career eventually become jeopardized as his family name is scorned forever because of one momentous and historic event, the murder of the President Lincoln by his brother John Wilkes. This is a story about a historic turn of the century family and the changing times that would shape its legacy.




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